The T Is Charlie Baker’s Problem Now

May 20, 2015 - 1 minute read
The Boston Globe – by Adam Vacarro 4/22/15

“The legislation calls for a new “fiscal and management control board” to manage the T until at least 2018, mirroring one of the major recommendations of the report. That board would include three members appointed by Baker, one chosen by House Speaker Robert DeLeo, and one picked by Senate President Stan Rosenberg. The control board would be tasked with, among other things, developing separate capital and operating budgets, overseeing MBTA contracts, reorganizing the administration, and establishing short- and long-term plans for the system.

The law would also create a new day-to-day T leadership position, who would be appointed by Baker, called the Chief Administrator. It would allow for future fare increases sharper than state law currently allows (Secretary of Transportation Stephanie Pollack said they wouldn’t come “overnight”), and it would subject the MBTA retirement fund to a full independent audit.”


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