Senate MBTA Reform Stances

June 11, 2015 - 1 minute read

Mass Fiscal Alliance

Severe problems at the MBTA are hardly news, and Governor Charlie Baker hasproposed a plan to fix them. Main components of the Governor’s plan include instituting a financial control board to oversee operations, increasing transparency about MBTA finances, temporarily suspending the Pacheco Lawto allow more flexibility in privatizing some services, and generally providing more flexibility to make the MBTA work better, sooner. Want more details on what’s gone wrong? Click here.

In its version of the FY 2016 budget, the Senate unanimously joined the state House by including a financial control board, which is very helpful but only a first step. Predictably, however, many have risen to defend the status quo, including labor leaders who consider the Governor’s plan an attempt “to put us back in the projects.” Some, particularly in the state Senate, have suggested they don’t think more significant changes are necessary, but that minor tweaks here and there, combined with more money, should solve most of the MBTA’s problems.

We agree with Governor Baker, and we hope you do, too. Below, based on the feedback we have received, we’ve listed all 40 state senators and their public position in relation to the Governor’s MBTA legislation. To join our efforts to help the rest of Governor Baker’s plan get the support it merits, please call your state legislators today:

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