Gov. Charlie Baker urges solons to give him more control over T

June 24, 2015 - 1 minute read

Gov. Charlie Baker is calling on lawmakers to fix the MBTA using “the full toolbox now” after they stripped some of his proposals — including efforts to change binding arbitration for the powerful carmen’s union — from reform legislation yesterday.

“I am pleased to see progress toward fixing the MBTA, but solving the chronic problems that plague the agency will require a strong fiscal management and control board armed with the appropriate tools to make meaningful reforms,” Baker said in a statement.

“Taxpayers who do not ride the T contribute over a billion dollars to this system every year,” he added, “while millions of riders depend on it to get to work and pay the bills, so we owe it to them to work collaboratively and strengthen the MBTA for the long term with the full toolbox now.”

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